Learn about the variety of treatments Dr. Lapinski performs as a dermatologist in Lombard

Fall in the Midwest is beautiful. Days get shorter, shadows lengthen, and summer’s humidity gives way to crisp afternoons. The fall weather also calls for adjusting your skin care routine as the air becomes drier and wind whips up. As a dermatologist serving patients from Naperville, Lombard, and the surrounding areas, I know firsthand what the Illinois weather can do to skin.

That’s why I suggest scheduling a seasonal visit with your skin care specialist to establish a plan customized for your needs. In addition, here are some important tips to keep in mind that will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful throughout the fall and even during the harsher winter months.

  • Don’t lose the sunscreen. Ideally you’ve established the habit of putting on sunscreen daily. That shouldn’t stop just because you’re spending less time outside. On chilly days, it’s tempting to skip the sunscreen, but the sun’s rays can still do damage even on gray afternoons. Also, as the weather turns colder, the ozone layer gets thinner, meaning even more of the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrate our atmosphere.
  • Focus more on moisturizing. The crisp days of fall can mean only one thing — dry, scaly skin. Applying a quality moisturizer is important any time of the year, but especially in the fall and winter. Your skin care specialist can help you find products that are balanced for your skin type that won’t cause excess oiliness, as well as different options for your face, hands, and other areas of common dryness.
  • Scrub away summer damage with exfoliating treatments. You’ve been good and slathered layers of sunscreen on your skin for months throughout the summer. Now it’s time to unclog the pores and slough away the dead skin that’s been accumulating through July and August. Seasonal shifts are always a good time to schedule treatments so you start with a clean canvas when you adjust your routine. Start with a good, professional cleansing facial. Then follow it up with a light chemical peel such as the one we recently performed on our own Dr. Rios.

Because each person’s skin tone and texture vary, it’s important to have a plan tailored specifically for you. Having a team with the expertise of our dermatologists can help ensure your skin remains glowing and healthy throughout the year.