Bad Skincare Habits to Stop TODAY!

We all know the obvious skincare wrecking balls…sun exposure, cigarettes, alcohol…etc, but what about the ones we do on a regular basis that affect the appearance of our skin without being so obvious? Are any of these bad habits getting in the way of your beautiful skin?

1. Ignoring anti-aging products until they are “needed”

Preventative skincare is much more important than people give it credit! It is easier to avoid the damage, than it is to repair it once the damage is done. Beginning a good skincare routine at a young age sets the groundwork for healthy skin at all stages. Start now and you can stave off deep lines and wrinkles before they begin!

2. No more picking!

Consider your face a “hands free zone”. Picking at a blemish can aggravate the area and cause scarring and/or hyperpigmentation. Typically a pimple will only stick around for 2-5 days but picking at the skin can cause irritation and lengthen the time of healing considerably. Topical products, such as benzoyl peroxide, can also help reduce redness and speed healing time.

3. Forgetting to cleanse your skin before hitting the pillow.

This is a common skincare no-no, but it bears repeating. Sleeping in our make-up and wear and tear from the day allows all of the oil and grime to settle into our pores. This will make our pores appear larger prevent our skin from naturally exfoliating. Cleanse your skin before hitting the sheets and wake up with smooth, refreshed skin!

4. Don’t forget your neck!

Although we notice the signs of aging on our face first, we can’t forget to protect and treat our neck and chest area. The same anti-aging cocktail that works wonders for the face can do the same for our neck and chest. In addition to using SPF and skincare product in these areas, laser treatments are also highly effective in treating sun damaged and aging skin anywhere on the body.

5. Don’t give up on your products too soon!

Although many magic potions promise to deliver results overnight, real results will take a minimum of four to six weeks. Active ingredients need adequate time and repeated exposure to penetrate and treat the skin effectively. We miss out on the long term benefits by stopping prematurely. Good things come to those who wait!

  • September 16, 2014