Question: “What is a cosmetic treatment you wish people would try during winter months”?

When we asked our clinicians what treatment they wish more people would try during winter months. Nurse injector, Angela Nayder immediately had a great answer. She said,

“Chemical Peels, including the VI Peel. It’s great especially during these colder months where being out of the sun is important during the peeling process.

VI Peels are great for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improving appearance of melasma and acne scarring as well as improving acne itself. Peels are done in a series, each one 4-6 weeks apart. The number of peels in the series depends on each patient’s concern. The VI Peels contain ingredients to help boost collagen and elastin growth, exfoliate the skin, kill bacteria while cleaning pores, increase cell turnover and ingredients that help counter and prevent free radical damage. They leave patients with a more even skin tone and refined texture of the skin. I love the overall healthier, and brighter appearance after a peel is completed. VI Peels can also be scheduled with BOTOX® for the ultimate anti-aging treatment!

I love doing these treatments and seeing the patients' transformation in their skin as well as an improvement in their overall demeanor. When we feel better about ourselves and our skin, we are happier in general!”

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