Is excessive sweating causing you to feel self-conscious? Sweating is a healthy and natural chemical reaction that protects our bodies from overheating. But when our sweat glands become overactive, it can leave us with clammy hands and feet, soaked clothing, or embarrassing pit stains that affect our confidence and cause uncomfortable skin irritations.

Sweating and excessive sweating are quite different from one another, and it’s important to understand these differences, so you can find the best treatment and finally say goodbye to embarrassing under arm sweating.

Sweating vs. Excessive Sweating:

Sweating, although it can make us feel uncomfortable, is the body’s natural way of regulating our temperature. When you work out at the gym, experience warmer weather patterns, or feel stressed about a personal or social situation, your body’s temperature begins to rise. And to ensure you don’t overheat, your eccrine glands produce a clear, odorless fluid that expels through your pores and evaporates on your skin to reduce body heat.

Natural Causes of Sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is a condition that causes you to frequently sweat, without having to engage in either physical or emotional activity. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, approximately 5 percent of the world’s population experiences excessive sweating. This is caused when the eccrine glands become over-productive and start producing more sweat than is necessary. People tend to experience excessive sweating early in adolescence.

Signs of Excessive Sweating:

Some common signs of excessive sweating include:

Signs of Excessive Sweating

  • Experiencing excessive sweating on your hands, feet, and/or armpit areas
  • Having your clothes soaked in sweat when you’re not engaged in an activity
  • Changing your clothing several times a day because of embarrassing pit stains

Ways to Help Treat Excessive Sweating:

Perhaps you’ve tried to treat overactive sweating on your own, using a combination of over-the-counter antiperspirants, wearing looser clothing that absorbs sweat, or avoiding physical contact with others altogether. These temporary fixes are not enough to give you the results you desire. To help you improve your skin’s health and reduce under-arm sweating, miraDry® may be the safe and effective solution you’re looking for.

miraDry® is a safe, clinically proven, FDA-cleared solution for the permanent elimination of underarm sweat and odor glands. This non-invasive procedure works by delivering precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the underarm area. The best part is miraDry is a sweat-stopping solution for all—from those with uncomfortably high sweat production, to those simply wanting to shelve the daily deodorant drill. The procedure has minimal to no downtime, and patients notice a reduction in sweat immediately after treatment.

Don’t let embarrassing underarm sweating disrupt your life. Contact Pinnacle Dermatology for a free consultation at our med spa, and one of our experienced specialists will help you eliminate your excessive sweating in time for summer vacation.