Raise your hand if you are one of millions of people who suffer from excessive underarm sweat. Finally, there is a lasting solution to this embarrassing problem — with miraDry!

Excessive underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis) is a daily struggle for many people that can interfere with numerous aspects of life at work and in personal relationships, as well as ruin clothes or limit the type of clothing a person can wear comfortably and confidently.

The miraDry procedure is performed in our dermatology and plastic surgery practice in the Naperville area using precisely controlled energy to eliminate sweat glands non-invasively. Once eliminated, the sweat glands don’t grow back!

For years, we have been seeing patients with the complaint of excessive underarm sweating. Until now, treatment options were limited to daily application of topical prescription-strength antiperspirants, daily doses of oral medications that help to lessen perspiration, and injections that are repeated once or twice a year — and often combinations of these! While these treatments undoubtedly can help, the miraDry procedure can offer a lasting solution. No need for daily rituals or frequent visits. In fact, many miraDry patients can give up topical antiperspirant altogether! Money saved on antiperspirant, dry cleaning expenses, and replacing ruined clothing — plus the confidence you have when you can raise your hand, give that presentation, or workout — priceless! OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it is wonderful!

The procedure does not involve cutting or stitching. Local anesthesia is used in the underarm area prior to the procedure to maintain comfort. Then the miraDry handpiece is placed in multiple areas in the underarm region to deliver the treatment. Two procedures, spaced 3 months apart, are recommended to maximize the results.

There is minimal downtime following the procedure, allowing you to return to your normal activities in a timely manner. Although some localized soreness and swelling can be expected, this is generally well tolerated and brief.

Dramatic sweat reduction without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, or surgery is now a reality. Results are immediate and lasting. Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Associates. S.C., is now offering an introductory special for this procedure. The details of the miraDry procedure can be discussed in greater detail at a free consultation. Contact us online or call now at to schedule your consultation at any 1 of our 4 locations: Downers Grove, Joliet, Frankfort, and Bourbonnais.

So if you are tired of being embarrassed by sweaty armpits, stained rings on your clothing, or just constant antiperspirant application, you may be a good candidate for the miraDry procedure. Come find out!