Medical spa in Bourbonnais, IL, separates KYBELLA myth from fact in this blog post.

KYBELLA has taken the nonsurgical cosmetic market by storm, and patients are coming to our med spa locations from Naperville, Bourbonnais, and other Illinois cities seeking this breakthrough fat-dissolving treatment. Intended for use beneath the chin, KYBELLA contains an active ingredient that safely breaks down fat. The result is a smoother, more defined profile and a face that looks great in selfies.

But as with any new product, there are plenty of myths about KYBELLA, and we’re going to help you get to the bottom of some of the most common misconceptions.

True or false: KYBELLA is expensive.

False. The cost of KYBELLA is dependent on the severity of your existing condition. People with a more significant double chin can expect to pay a bit more than those with smaller fat deposits. However, KYBELLA is still one of the less expensive options for people who want to significantly reduce the appearance of a double chin. Our aesthetic staff walks you through each of your options so that you can find the one that best suits your preferences and your budget.

True or false: You’ll need a lot of treatments.

It depends. KYBELLA works best when it’s administered in a series of treatments, typically spaced a few weeks apart. Most patients see satisfying results after 2 treatments, while others may require 3 or 4.

True or false: The injections are painful.

False. Although everyone perceives pain and discomfort differently, KYBELLA injections are not known to be any more painful than other types of shots. However, we can offer a topical numbing agent to keep you comfortable during your procedure.

True or false: The results are temporary.

False. KYBELLA destroys the fat where it’s administered, which means you can enjoy your results as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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