Have you heard about Kybella?

I’m going to come right out and say it.   If you have a double chin, read this!

Kybella is a non-surgical, FDA approved treatment, administered with simple injections that reduces moderate to severe submental fat.   You probably just read that last sentence and are thinking, submental fat, what does that mean?  Well, submental fat is the medical term given to your double chin.  Neither sound good and either way you say it, you want it gone!  The best thing about Kybella is that it permanently destroys fat cells.  Yes, permanently!

Whether you inherited your double chin from your mom or dad, or maybe you earned it, you know how hard it is to get rid of.  Your double chin is stubborn.  Even working out and eating right won’t make it go away.  Does your double chin make you self-conscious?

Do you find yourself posing a certain way in photos to hide it?  Maybe always lifting your chin or taking a selfie with the camera held high so no one sees it?  Or maybe you like fall and winter so that you can wear turtle necks and scarves to hide it.  Well, Kybella can finally get rid of it for you, permanently.

To learn more about Kybella and how it can help to improve your profile call our office to schedule a no pressure, no strings attached complimentary consultation with one of our injection specialist at Skin Speaks Spa M.D.  Our number is 952-435-6565 and we look forward to sitting down with you to discuss Kybella!

Kybella Before and After Photos

Actual Pinnacle Dermatology patient

AB 31.91615.14 (5) right cropped BEFORE

AB 31.122915.13 (7) right cropped AFTER 2 TXS


  • February 27, 2017