I have suffered with hyperhidrosis for as long as I can remember. My hands were the area of my body affected the worst, and this impacted me every single day of my life, because my hands were constantly sweating. I always wanted to work in the medical field, but would never have been able to get gloves on, so this and the fear of touching people with sweaty hands, kept me from pursuing my goals. My life revolved around the hyperhidrosis. My fear of having to touch someone, or them wanting to shake my hand, was on my mind 24/7. About 15 years ago, I finally decided I had enough, and did not want to be consumed by this condition anymore. According to my doctor at the time, the only treatment for hyperhidrosis was a prescription strength antiperspirant, Certaindry. This antiperspirant did not improve my hand sweating at all. Botox nor Robinul were being used for hyperhidrosis at this time. I knew there had to be something else I could try, so I researched what was out there, and found a new surgical endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy procedure to treat hyperhidrosis. The new endoscopic procedure was only being done by 2 surgeons in the United States. It took almost a year of fighting with my insurance company to get some of the surgery covered. No matter how much it would cost me, I was going to do it. I decided to go ahead with the surgery, and flew to San Antonio to have the surgery performed under general anesthesia. The surgery went well, and recovery was not too bad. The sweating in my hands was significantly reduced from the procedure, but I then started to experience moderate to severe compensatory sweating of the trunk, underarms, and feet. I have since had Botox injections, used Drysol, and taken Robinul to help with the compensatory sweating. The Botox works very well on my underarms, but the procedure is uncomfortable, and has to be repeated every few months. The Drysol helps a little, as does the Robinul, but not without side effects. When I heard about miraDry, which only had to be done 1 or 2 times EVER, I was so incredibly excited! For myself, and for everyone that suffers with hyperhidrosis, whose lives I know will be changed for the better because of this treatment! I had the Miradry done 2 weeks ago, which was virtually painless by the way, and since that time I have had NO, absolutely ZERO sweating in my underarms with using no deodorant/antiperspirant. I have had no additional compensatory sweating, and other than mild swelling for about a week after the procedure, there were no side effects! This is the best treatment ever, as far as I’m concerned! I know this treatment is going to make such a difference in the lives of those people living with hyperhidrosis. I am so excited for them to experience what a miracle treatment Miradry really is!