miraDry 3

I am so excited to tell everyone about miraDry-I have a several year history of hyperhidrosis and malodor. In the past I have used OTC and prescription strength antiperspirants/deodorants with no luck. Topical RX treatments caused chemical burning of my skin. I then moved onto Botox therapeutic with good results initially then waning over time which required multiple applications of a topical during the day. Everyday after bathing I would use a clinical strength product. After several hours at work I would reapply as I would continue to sweat. My clothing paid a big price and I had to deal with frequent dry cleaning bills.

My experience with miraDry was very easy and with minimal discomfort. I had slight discomfort for about a total of 2 minutes that was reasonable. Post procedure I did have a larger amount of edema in the axilla that lasted a total of 2 weeks that daily improved for me. Pain was minimal post procedure and minimized by ice packs and ibuprofen. As far as results they were instant. I have yet to wear a topical antiperspirant during normal activities and only after an intense work out will I note a small amount of odor that is not detectable by those around me.

I speak professionally as well as see many patients on a daily basis–miraDry has been a game changer for me. I am so excited and thrilled to share this treatment with my patient’s, family and friends.

Elisa Hanson, Nurse Practitioner

  • January 7, 2016