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Andrea Ries, RN

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Andrea individually assists her clients’ specific needs to elevate them to feel the best they can about themselves.

Andrea Ries is a nurse injector with more than 8 years of combined nursing experience in aesthetics and the fields of long-term care, ICU, and ED. While working in hospital settings Andrea noticed how self-care and confidence impact everyone in their daily life.  Andrea longed to influence how people felt about themselves in a more positive and uplifting manner, so she transitioned from bedside to aesthetics. Andrea believes using her aesthetic skills to impact the way a person feels positively and the look they project can lead to higher confidence for her clients in many aspects of their daily lives, including careers and relationships.  Aesthetics to Andrea is about so much more than just the product being delivered, it is about individually assisting her clients’ specific needs and elevating them to feel the best they can about themselves.