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What is a Keloid?

Keloids is a condition that usually occurs after a skin related injury. A layer of scar forms near the healed injury, producing a scar. It is common to get keloids from trauma incidents to your skin like burns, cuts or even after chicken pox. It is important to seek keloid treatment if you have scars that are burning or itching. Pinnacle Dermatology Dermatology has the expertise and resources you need to gain relief from your unwanted keloid. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Keloid Scar Treatments

Our scar treatments range from topical creams and steroid injections to the occasional surgical removal of your scars. You can discuss the various treatment options for your keloid scar with our board certified dermatologists. We can help you decide which treatment will fit your needs best. Our popular corticosteroid injections are considered the best and safest way to reducing most keloid scars. The injection works by softening the scar, making the appearance more appealing and helping to prevent future keloids. Let Pinnacle Dermatology Dermatology help you today with premium keloid scar treatment.