lichen planus on the skin

This may not be the exact look of your condition. Please confirm your diagnosis with your dermatologist.

What is it?

Lichen Planus is an inflammatory condition of the skin that affects many people. It commonly appears as small bumps or a rash over certain areas of the body including, but not limited to the trunk, wrists, ankles, and the inside of the mouth. It can also affect the appearance of fingernails and toenails in some cases.


Lichen planus often causes bumps that are shiny, firm, and reddish purple in color. The bumps may have tiny white lines running through them and the quantity of bumps can range from few to many. Common places for bumps to appear include the wrists, lower back and ankles.

Could this be what you have?

Lichen planus is most common in middle-aged adults; but can occur in a person of any age.

Treatment Options @ Pinnacle

Often, dermatologists can often tell whether you have lichen planus by examining your skin, nails and mouth, however, sometimes it is necessary to perform a biopsy of the skin and examine the tissue under the microscope. Once lichen planus is diagnosed, treatment options may include:

Topical corticosteroid (applied to the skin)
Corticosteroid Pills
PUVA therapy (light therapy)
Retinoic acid
Tacrolimus ointment or pimecrolimus cream