At Pinnacle Dermatology we treat pediatric skin ailments via pediatric dermatology. Our team of experienced board certified healthcare providers work to ensure that both child and parent have a comfortable, stress-free experience. We teach parents about their child’s skin problems to ensure that the child gets proper treatment and care at home. This helps to ensure that children will have healthy skin as they mature. The field of pediatric dermatology focuses on comprehensively diagnosing and treating ailments of the skin that are unique to infants, children, and adolescents.

There are many skin conditions that are shared by both children and adults, but there are certain skin problems that are more common among younger patients. These conditions require special care that is delivered with the special needs of growing children in mind. Younger patients often face a higher risk of bacterial skin infections, as well a variety of other acquired and hereditary conditions. We provide treatments that are both gentle and effective so that children can participate in their daily activities while managing their skin condition efficiently. Children with healthy skin should get regular examinations as well. During these examinations, they will learn about keeping their skin healthy by using proper sun protection and other forms of skin care.

Here are some of the more common skin conditions that Pinnacle Dermatology treats among younger patients:

What is the Protocol with Pediatric Dermatology?

As with any issue related to dermatology, our board certified healthcare providers will diagnose the problem so that they can recommend the best treatment. They know that parents are often anxious about their children’s health and will therefore be very careful to put them at ease when administering treatment. They know how to make children feel comfortable and will do their best to provide a quick and pain-free solution to their problems.

What is the Best Way to Seek Treatment for My Child?

Start by scheduling an appointment at our office. This allows us to examine the child and determine the nature of the condition. Once we make a firm diagnosis, we can recommend the right course of treatment. Contact us today to learn more or to make an appointment. Our friendly professional team will be happy to help you.