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What is it?

The term “rash” is not a specific condition, but can speak to a variety of skin eruptions that can be caused by various physiological and environmental sources. Rashes affect almost everyone at some time in their life. Depending on the type of rash, its location and the type of treatment, a rash may last a few days or a few months. Here are a few of the more common rashes:

Seborrheic dermatitis – Usually appearing on various parts of the head, face and chest, seborrheic dermatitis can be pink and slightly scaly, and can produce a dandruff-like appearance.

Atopic dermatitis – Commonly known as eczema, atopic dermatitis is characterized by inflamed, itchy skin. Atopic dermatitis may appear anywhere on the body, though it is most often found on the face, trunk and limbs.

Contact dermatitis – Refers to a rash caused by physical contact with an allergen, such as a chemical, or a plant such as poison ivy. Rashes due to contact dermatitis tend to produce greater symptoms of itchiness.

Heat rash – Caused by an interruption in the flow of perspiration.

Psoriasis – Caused by the abnormal accumulation of dead skin cells, and an abnormality in the body's immune system.

Ringworm – A contagious rash that starts as a red ring on the skin and grows outward. Caused by contact with a fungus.


Because the term “rash” encompasses so many varieties of skin eruptions, there are an accompanying number of symptoms particular to each. For example, a bacterial or fungal infection may produce symptoms different than those of a rash caused by poison oak. With the understanding that the term "rash" can encompass a wide range of skin eruptions, the general rash symptoms are characterized by an abnormal eruption of the skin that may cause some or all of the following:


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Almost everyone will get a rash or rashes in their lifetime.

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