squamous cell on the skin

This may not be the exact look of your condition. Please confirm your diagnosis with your dermatologist.

What is it?

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most common form of skin cancer. Sun-exposed skin including but not limited to the head, neck, ears, lips, arms, legs, and hands are the most common areas for SCC to be found.


Squamous cell carcinoma usually begins as a dome-shaped bump, often with scale, or a red, scaly patch of skin. It is often rough and crusty, and can bleed easily when scraped. Report any new or changing growths to your dermatology provider.

Could this be what you have?

Certain factors put people at higher risk for Squamous cell carcinoma;

Older age
Fair skin
Blue, green, or gray eyes
Blonde or red hair
Individuals who spend time outside working or playing
Tanning bed users
People with weakened immune systems due to illness, organ transplantation, medications and others.

Early detection of skin cancer offers the best chance for a successful outcome.