Thermage treatment at Pinnacle Dermatology, has been likened to a facelift – but without surgery and its associated risk, downtime and cost.

Thermage sends heat deep into your skin to tighten existing collagen and boost the growth of new collagen. This in turn promotes more youthful-looking skin.

Thermage is used to reduce forehead wrinkles and lines near your mouth and eyes. Thermage helps tighten up loose skin – especially under your chin or around your neck. Thermage also helps improve heavy eye lids and can plump and contour lips.

The major benefit of Thermage is that it lasts for years.

How Thermage Works

Your skin has three distinct layers which retain softness and health via collagen. As we age, collagen can deteriorate and our skin begins to sag and loosen. Thermage restores skin firmness and increases collagen reserves.

Thermage employs radiofrequency energy that prompts your collagen to improve skin contour, texture and tone. Results are visible immediately and last for years.

Am I A Candidate For Thermage?

Treatment is safe for patients with various skin types and tones.

*Disclaimer: Results May Vary Person to Person

Thermage - Before and After
Thermage - Before and After
Thermage - Before and After
Thermage - Before and After
Thermage - Before and After
Thermage - Before and After

Does Thermage Hurt?

Most of our patients report that Thermage is not painful. Others say it causes mild discomfort. Pain relief options are available for those with sensitive skin. Most patients report Thermage causes them to feel a brief warm sensation as radiofrequency energy is used on the skin.

How Long Is Treatment?

Thermage treatments run from about 20 minutes to two hours. Each patient is different, and the duration of treatments depends on the areas you are having treated.


After treatment is complete, patients may have slight redness on treated areas. Most people return to normal activity right away. As time passes, you will gradually see your skin tighten and regain its soft and youthful texture. These improvements can continue for six months. Full results last for years.

At Pinnacle, our team can recommend skin care products that will enhance your Thermage results.

Thermage’s website offers a glimpse of how Thermage changed one person’s life for the better.

Wonda said she realized she and her face were aging, but she wanted to freshen up her look. But Wonda did not want to spend a long time recovering from an invasive procedure. She said Thermage was exactly what she wanted in an anti-aging treatment.

Before Thermage, Wonda didn’t want to leave the house much at all. After Thermage treatment, she has a fresh look and outlook, feels better about her life and has returned to socializing and enjoying her life.

If you want to improve your look and regain self-confidence and esteem that comes with a more youthful appearance, contact us today to learn how Thermage can benefit you.