When you receive a skin cancer diagnosis, the goal is to treat the lesion so the chance of recurrence is very low. Moh’s Surgery is one of the most advanced, precise, and effective treatments for skin cancer. Moh’s Surgery has the highest success rate for all treatments for cancer, at up to 99%.. During this procedure, a dermatologist who specializes in Mohs Surgery removes thin layers of cancerous skin until there is no microscopic evidence of cancer present. Once this is complete, a skin defect remains, which if left alone could result in significant scar or disfigurement. So, what happens after Mohs Surgery?

Plastic surgery can be used to reconstruct the wound left behind by Mohs surgery. Various techniques can be used depending on the size and location of the defect. Reconstructive surgery provides an ideal surgical result and promotes proper healing. Particularly when performed by a plastic surgeon, who’s training is intimately tied to reconstruction of the head and neck, as well as creating aesthetically pleasing results.

About the procedure

Once your Mohs surgery is complete, the plastic surgeon will examine your defect and discuss the options for healing with you. Several options for reconstruction may be considered including primary closure, rotation of adjacent tissue, or placement of a skin graft taken from another area on the body.


Patients return home the same day after surgery. After surgery, a dressing will be in place or the surgeon may instruct you to apply an ointment 1-2 times per day. Typically, patients will follow-up at the 1 week mark to confirm proper healing. Once the skin is healed, an scar prevention program will be tailored based on your surgery and skin type.. Important considerations include:
· Preventing infection by keeping the incision clean and covered, as instructed by your surgeon
· Avoiding strenuous activity or heavy lifting until healing is complete
· Reducing swelling and bruising
· Avoiding UV radiation

Regular follow-up with your dermatologist is imperative after Mohs surgery

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