modelOpen and direct communication with our patients is one of the primary tenets of our practice. That’s why we’ve long offered a newsletter for patients to receive from Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Associates, SC. Now we’re launching a blog, which will provide us with another way to connect with you. Our vision is to offer insight into our practice and keep you current on the trends and changes in both dermatology and cosmetic plastic surgery. Patients from Naperville to Gary know that we provide a unique combination of expertise at our 4 locations, and we’ll share our thoughts about skincare and aesthetic treatments on a regular basis. Here’s what you can expect on this blog:

  • Industry news: We’ll share what we know about new medical research and spread the word when new treatments are FDA approved.
  • Practice updates: If we add a procedure or welcome someone new to our staff, we’ll share that kind of information here.
  • Professional advice: You might find tips on the best ways to fight acne, learn about skin cancer prevention, or read about our thoughts on the latest option for breast implants.
  • Events and deals: You may find information here on special events or deals for our patients, so keep your eyes open!

We think you’ll find the information useful, informative, and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. The relationships we form with our patients are important, and we hope you visit this blog often. You can also leave us comments or ask questions so we can respond. Please check back soon!