What does it look like? Overtime, filling the same area over and over again, eventually distorts your natural appearance (your look) and facial features become exaggerated and disproportionate. I have heard others refer to this look as lioness, caricature like, and/or trout pout.

Each day looking in the mirror we get fixated on the small imperfections and changes in our face. Eventually, we lose perception of what our base line facial features originally were. Clients are requesting more and more filler and most often indicate right where they want to be injected, but the question is, do they need it? Perhaps it’s the mindset, “If a little is good, more must be better?” These individuals are often times focused on that one wrinkle or those pesky nasal labial folds, fuller cheeks and/or voluptuous lips.

Why does this happen? Maybe it is the lack of understanding of the different fillers or volumizing products vs. product selection. What is the injector’s experience? Not having a good understanding of the aging process and how it relates to volume loss in the face, can lead to incorrect placement or being under /over corrected.

How to avoid? Regardless of the cause, there are so many factors to consider: A thorough assessment and educating the client on where product should be and shouldn’t be placed and why.

The ability to recognize “over correction!” It’s important to consider the rate at which the filler(s) or volumizing product is metabolizing from previous treatments, how products are being layered and the frequency in which they are being injected. Lastly, developing trust in an honest, experienced injection specialist who offers attention to detail and a conservative approach providing natural looking results is key.

  • October 29, 2014