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Pinnacle Dermatology was established in 2004 under the solid partnership of board certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon Dr. Paula Lapinski and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rios. Since that time, it has grown as a leading national dermatology network.

We know your challenges — Operating an independent dermatology office continually becomes more challenging in today’s volatile and ever-changing healthcare environment

  • Declining Reimbursement – Independent practices have limited negotiating power with payers
  • Increasing Regulation – Government constraints require greater administrative oversight
  • Administrative Burden – Investment of time and resources spent on tasks not related to patient care
  • Capital Requirements – Growth is expensive and personal guarantees are often needed
  • Increased Competition – Consolidation is hitting the dermatology industry
  • Recruiting – Finding quality candidates in a limited pool is costly and time consuming

We offer solutions — When joining Pinnacle Dermatology, you become part of a family of patient-centric providers that are focused on clinical excellence

  • Immediate Liquidity – Benefit from your years of hard work and dedication at capital gains rates
  • Growth Opportunities – Uncapped growth and stability through investment in your practice
  • Shared Services – Unlimited access to resources such as Marketing to increase appointments
  • Group Purchasing – Benefit from manufacturer discounts when aggregating purchasing volume
  • Maximize Reimbursement – Strength in numbers when negotiating with payers
  • Knowledge Sharing – Confer with your peers on best practices and difficult cases

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