“I decided to join Pinnacle Dermatology because I was spending too much time behind a computer and not enough time with patients.  I admired their focus on providing quality care and the sense of community that was exhibited during my first meeting with Dr. Rios and Dr. Lapinski.  I look forward to exponential growth in my practice while utilizing the plethora of resources that Pinnacle Dermatology has to offer and having my practice serve the community for years to come.”

Pinnacle Dermatology was established in 2004 under the solid partnership of board certified dermatologist and fellowship-trained Mohs surgeon Dr. Paula Lapinski and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jose Rios. Since that time, it has grown to include more than 90 providers and 51 practice locations throughout the Midwest.

WE KNOW THE CHALLENGES — Operating an independent dermatology office continually becomes more challenging in today’s volatile and ever-changing healthcare environment

  • Declining Reimbursement – Independent practices have limited negotiating power with payers
  • Increasing Regulation – Government constraints require greater administrative oversight
  • Value Based Reimbursements – A shift in care models necessitates investment
  • Capital Requirements – Growth is expensive and personal guarantees are often needed
  • Increased Competition – Consolidation is hitting the dermatology industry
  • Recruiting – Finding quality candidates in a limited pool is costly and time consuming

WE OFFER SOLUTIONS — When joining Pinnacle Dermatology, you become part of a family of patient-centric providers that are focused on clinical excellence

  • Immediate Liquidity – Benefit from your years of hard work and dedication at capital gains rates
  • Growth Opportunities – Uncapped growth and stability through investment in your practice
  • Shared Services – Unlimited access to resources such as Marketing to increase appointments
  • Group Purchasing – Benefit from manufacturer discounts when aggregating purchasing volume
  • Maximize Reimbursement – Strength in numbers when negotiating with payers
  • Knowledge Sharing – Confer with your peers on best practices and difficult cases

Interested in learning more?  Contact JoAnn Wagner, Chief Business Development Officer at JoAnn.Wagner@PinnacleSkin.com, or fill out the form below.