If you aren’t following along with our practice Twitter feed, you’re missing out! A few weeks ago, I decided to receive a chemical peel treatment and document the entire process on Twitter. After all, as a plastic surgeon serving patients here in Joliet, Lombard, and the surrounding area, I think it’s important to know everything I can about the treatments I provide. My lucky fans got to follow along from the first day all the way through the peeling process to my final glowing result.

Now, having gone through it myself, I’ve got some personal insights to share. So here’s my chemical peel experience, glamour shots included, starting from the very beginning.

Immediately after:


I took this first picture immediately after the chemical peel was applied. The liquid treatment didn’t feel like too much more than a normal mask. There was a mild tingling sensation. Like I said on Twitter, it felt like mild jalapenos on my face. No better way to explain it!



Day 1:


The day after the peel was pretty easy. My skin was tight, but not peeling yet. It still felt like I was wearing a facial mask, or like my skin was tight and dry. No pain and no itch, though, so it was very tolerable.




Day 2:


The second day was when treatment really started to take effect. I began to notice some initial peeling where my skin is the thinnest: around the eyes and mouth. In the morning, my skin had just started to peel, and by nighttime, it was really sloughing off. I looked pretty terrifying to my family. The peeling skin was itchy, but I knew scratching would only irritate it, so I resisted.


Days 3 and 4:


I had much more peeling during these 2 days, with larger amounts of skin sloughing off, but I knew it wouldn’t last must longer. Again, there was minor itching, but no pain at all. The appearance is just more of an inconvenience, as people on the street have no idea what is wrong with your face. This is the time to follow your dermatologist’s orders for treatment and skin care, and you’ll be seeing results shortly — I promise!

Day 5:


The majority of peeling subsided today and I was actually starting to see some of the new, fresh skin show through. It definitely looks and feels healthier. You’ll be able to see a big difference between the dead skin and the refreshed skin, as you can see the contrast on the center and sides of my face, where the dead skin remains. At this point there was still no pain and only minor itching. I was mostly just excited to see some results!

Day 7:


Finally! Your skin should be feeling like new — because it is — and you can finally show off your new complexion! For me, there was still some mild peeling, but I was able to manage with the moisturizer and products we carry at the practice. Anyway, the rest of the process is easy from here. I pretty much look and feel 20 years old again, if you couldn’t tell.


Remember that if you’re interested in having a chemical peel, it is imperative that you talk to a dermatologist, aesthetician, board-certified plastic surgeon, or other individual who has the expertise and experience to give you a proper chemical peel treatment. That way, you can help your skin look at least half as good as mine. If you’re interested in a treatment, give us a call today and schedule an appointment at our Joliet, Bourbonnais, Frankfort, or Lombard locations.