bed bugs

This may not be the exact look of your condition. Please confirm your diagnosis with your dermatologist.

What are they?

Bed bugs are blood-feeding insects whose bite can cause allergic reactions and skin rashes. They measure approximately 1/5 of an inch and are red/brown in color and wingless. Bed bugs are usually nocturnal. The preferred environment for bed bugs is a warm location, like the type found in or near beds.


Typically, a bed bug bite is small, less than ¼” in size and may be either flat or slightly elevated. Bed bug bites usually result in reddening of the skin, swelling and itching. Because bed bug bites are typically painless in the beginning, due to an anesthetic used by the best, some bites go unnoticed for long periods.

Could this be what you have?

Bed bugs can survive in any area that is warm. Travelers are more prone to attract bed bugs due to their ability to survive in luggage, folded clothes, and furniture. Travelers are rarely aware they are transporting bed bugs.

Treatment Options @ Pinnacle

The treatment options for bed bug bites include topical creams or lotions, as well as avoiding scratching the affected area. Skin creams for bed bugs usually contain hydrocortisone, an antihistamine which will be effective in reducing the effects of bed bug bites. If a skin infection develops from bed bug bites, an antibiotic may be prescribed.