Now at Pinnacle Dermatology

Swift® quickly treats your warts with less pain and better results.


Tired of dealing with warts? You’re not alone.

Warts can appear on all areas of the body and are a common skin issue for people of all ages.
Up until now, traditional wart removal could require several treatments and
involve days or even weeks of pain. Pinnacle Dermatology can help.

Welcome to a better way to treat warts.

We’re excited to offer Swift treatments at participating Pinnacle Dermatology locations.
Swift is FDA-cleared technology that uses low-dose microwave energy to pulse the skin tissue.

No lasers, smoke or dressings.
No kidding.

Thanks to Swift's technology-based
therapy, there are no chemicals,
cutting or injections needed.

In and out innovation.

Appointments are as quick
as 15 minutes, and the procedure can
be performed in seconds!

Safe. Sound. Swift.

When it comes to healthcare
microwave technology has been in
clinical use for more than 30 years,
and is used globally in the effective
treatment of cancer. That's why
Swift is safe for all patients, including
children, pregnant women and seniors.

Did you know?
Swift has the highest cure rate for warts. Since there’s little
to no post-procedure pain, there’s no need for follow-up or wound care
after the procedure has been completed.

Ready to get started?
Swift treatment for warts is available only at participating Pinnacle Dermatology locations.
Ask your provider for a consultation or details. For more information, refer to Swift’s website.