A better treatment options for warts:

Now at Pinnacle Dermatology.

Warts are a very common skin problem. They are present on people of all ages and on all areas of the body. Traditionally, treating warts could include several treatments and days or weeks of pain. Now, with Swift, there’s a more effective and less painful option. And Swift is now available at participating Pinnacle Dermatology locations.

This treatment offers the highest-cure rate for warts.

  • Swift uses new microwave technology that pulses the skin tissue.
  • The procedure is fast (appointments are as quick as 15 minutes and the treatment can be done in seconds).
  • There’s little to no post-procedure pain.
  • Patients will have no post-procedure wound or follow-up care.
  • Swift technology has the industry’s highest cure rate for warts. It is safe for all patients, including children, pregnant women and seniors.

Swift treatment for warts is only available at participating locations.

Ask your provider for a consultation or details.