Thermage has been around for sometime already, but still regarded by many as the non-surgical gold standard for skin tightening. Unlike many skin tightening modalities, Thermage CPT is FDA approved. It is also a onetime treatment, where many of its competitors require a series of treatments because they are not as deep and less effective at heating the skin, decreasing their improvement capabilities.

Thermage CPT uses focused radiofrequency energy to stimulate the body’s own natural renewal process. This helps improve the appearance of sagging or loose skin giving you a smoother, younger look. A Thermage CPT with Total Tip Technology treatment is what Dermatologist Dr.Carney recommends to our patients who want to improve the laxity of their skin.

Thermage is one of the unique treatments that require no downtime. Our patients see results immediately off the table and continue to get improvement over the next six months as their skin regenerates new collagen.

Skin Speaks was the first clinic in Minnesota to offer Thermage eight years ago. Although many have followed in our footsteps providing this fabulous treatment, not all have grown with Thermage as the company has evolved and developed many generations of this system. We have grown with Thermage and offer their most up-to-date technology (The CPT system with the Total Tip) to offer you the best results you can find.

Have confidence in the treatment and provider you choose and schedule your complimentary consult today, to see if Thermage is right for you!

  • September 3, 2014